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Collection of short cycling Tours in 2013

2013-1: Higher Pustertal and Sella

Tour trip summary:

Duration: 2,5 days; Distance: (horizontal) 290km, vertical: 7km;

7 passes:

Pass absolute altitude
Passo Erbe 2.006 m
Passo Furcia 1.759 m
Passo Falzarego 2.105 m
Passo Campolongo     1.875 m
Passo Gardena 2.121m
Passo Sella 2.240m
Passo Costalunga 1.752m

Bike tour impressions

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2013 2: Tour around "three peaks"

Tour trip summary:

Duration: 2 days; Distance: (horizontal) 315km, vertical: 6km;

6 passes:

Pass: Absolute altitute: [msl]
Passo Tre Croci                1809m                        
Passo Giau 2236m
Passo Duran 1605m
Passo Cibiana 1530m
Passo St. Antonio 1489m
Passo Monte Croce 1636m

Elevation chart:

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2013 - 3: Monte Grappa Tour


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