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Stuttgart - Nice

Bike tour Stuttgart nice

Two young students, two bikes heading south into and through the alps. Cracy ideas getting developed to a final plan, that should not be the last cracy idea.

The idea started to develop during a late spring evening and, how it’s usual in Germany, with some cold beers in the fridge. The fridge was always full, having a beverage shop located on the ground floor.  While the fridge was getting emptied the idea became more to a perfect plan of young students, who don’t know anything about bicycle  tours and could not expect what they will head into. Anyhow if you know everything before, you’ll never make it. “Wait, do we have a bicycle to do this? Mhm, maybe we should get one.” The late time decision: “Let’s go with the bicycle, from here to the beautiful Côte d’Azur!” We’ll stick on bicycle paths mostly along huger rivers to avoid strong climbs. Ok that sounds good. This was the important decision with one of my best friends, in southern Germany (Ebersbach) for my further vacations and at least during students times. Because if you like it, you’ll ever do it again -if possible-. And you can make it possible! Me, I am grown up with camping, sleeping in a tent was never a problem, more an adventure. Our family went camping a least 2-3 times a year, which was total about 7 weeks a year. I am used to go camping, sleeping in a tent, listening to the crickets while falling into sleep and getting awake by the birds before the sunrise. In additional I like to make sports, …. that was a perfect combination.







First Tour 11.08 to 18.08.01

1st day 128km Ebersbach to
2nd day 119km to
3rd day 151km to
4th day 120km to
 5th day 130km to
6th day 100km to
7th day 128km to
8th and last day 165km to nice


Mountains on this tour



Mountain (country)

Altitude [ m]


7th. Day

Col de l. C. Haute  (F)



8th. Day

Col de tout Aures  (F)



8th. Day

Col des Robines (F)